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Joelle Charbonneau
Losing Hope (Hopeless, #2) - Colleen Hoover I loved „Hopeless“ and was keen to read the „sequel“, which isn't a sequel, but the story from „his“ rather than „her“ perspective, but I was also hesitant as I wasn't sure how I would like to read the same story again. And if it wasn't for Holder, who earned himself a special place in my heart, I probably would have passed.
My worries seemed confirmed at first, there were some extra scenes and bits (like the letters Holder writes to his dead sister, which give such a beautiful insight into him) but the reader knows the big secrets and connections.
The more I read though the less I cared, it wasn't about the secrets from part one, but about Holder's thoughts and motives. I was incredibly drawn into the story and it was great to get to know his side, some conversations that hadn't been mentioned and I could really understand him this time. In „Hopeless“ I felt that some of his explanations were a bit unbelievable, but now, knowing how he felt it all made perfect sense.

I found myself grinning through the scenes I loved the first time, enjoyed the bit of insight into Holder's thoughts and his life and was pretty much glued to the pages.
But I was biased, I loved „Hopeless“ and I am cerrtainly as in love with Holder as you can be with a book character.
I also was as emotionally moved at certain points as I was the first time.
So despite my worries this book totally won me over and I loved it.