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Die Auslese - Nur die Besten überleben
Joelle Charbonneau
Anomaly - Krista McGee Thalli lives in a future society under ground. After a world war the surface of the earth is uninhabitable and since emotions have been deemed the root of what went wrong they were genetically removed from the citizens.

Thalli is different from the others, as she feels things and asks questions, tries to protect her friends from harm. Soon she is seen as a threat to the harmony of the society and she is supposed to be annihilated. But an old friend, who is a scientist now intervenes and convinces those in charge to experiment with Talli to find out more about her anomalies.

She meets an old man, who survived the nuclear war and who introduces her to the world of Christianity.

The book starts out with Thalli having 15 minutes left to live there is a countdown, aberwards the story that leads to this moment is described which to me took away most of the suspense during the novel, although it was a catchy opener.

I liked the way the society was described and I was fascinated by the way it was structured.

I generally have my problems with books that come across as normal fiction but are deeply religious and seem to be just „some story“ with a modern and popular theme but are basically trying to sell a religious idea.
I also had my problems with Thalli questioning her society and what had been told to her all her life but embraces the idea of a „Designer“ (God) surprisingly fast.

I particularly disliked the way „science“ was deemed as a bad thing, scientists were taking away the ability to feel and believe in God, they were generally cold and basically took away human traits from humanity. It was simplified in a way it hurts. („Science is bad, religion is good.“)

The very end holds a certain twist that ignites curiosity for book 2 in the trilogy. The story itself wasn't bad, it sounded pretty amazing in the beginning but in the end I was quite unimpressed.

(A free digital copy was given to me via NetGalley.)