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Die Auslese - Nur die Besten überleben
Joelle Charbonneau
Undeadly (Harlequin Teen) - Michele Vail Molly is a reaper and necromancer. After her mother left the family long ago she lives with her younger sister (pasionate fighter for zombie-rights), her father and her Italian grandmother. She also works after school in the zombie repair shop of her father. After her 16th birthday her talents really kick in and the parents of her mother, who never showed up before insist on Molly attending a predigeous boarding school, the „Nekya Academy“.
She has a crush on Rick, who seems to be interested in her as well, but on her birthday party, he stumbles, crashes his head against the fireplace and dies. Molly is able to reanimate him by trying to stuff the 5 parts of his soul that lift away back into his body but two slip away. She brushes any feeling that these 2/5th of the human soul might be important to the character of the human being away and just enjoys having Rick back.

I love egyptian history and was torn to read about ir in a teen fiction book. On the one hand it is a fascinating theme and era, on the other hand something inside me cringes when those gods like Anubis are „interacting“ with nowerday humans.

The world the novel is set in with zombies, magic schools, hints at zombies in the big wars or on the Titanic was fascinating. The zombie-repair service had me chuckling, there are a lot of quirky little ideas and images throughout the novel. It is surely an entertaining read.

The language is clearly aiming for a young audience and maybe a bit hard to digest for more grown-ups, especially in the diary parts of the book. To my utter delight however the teens in this novel are able to communicate via short messages using full words, no „c“ for „see“ or „2“ for „to“.

„Undeadly“ left me with mixed feelings. The ideas are fresh, the theme interesting, the characters very likeable. But the development of friendships and especially relationships seems a bit rushed. I think a bit more depth to characters and relationships would have helped. I also found the timing a bit off, Molly joins the Nekya Academy around half way into the novel, which is when a lot of the „main story“ starts, everything up to here seems a bit like introduction. Then however things happen fast, there isn't really that much time for the reader to get a clear image of that school, the people and the atmosphere. I would have loved to get more of an image about how the lessons are, more of a feeling for the teachers... This is the start of a series however and there might be more time to give the reader a feeling for that school and its quirkiness in the later installments.

(I received a free digital copy of this book via NetGalley.)