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Die Auslese - Nur die Besten überleben
Joelle Charbonneau
The Uninvited - Liz Jensen Hasketh Lock works for a company, that investigates acts of sabotage around the world. He is specialized in recognizing patterns in the behaviour of crimes against companies. He is suffering from Aspberger's syndrome, which makes it difficult for him to interact with other people, but also predestined for observe and analyse human behaviour, since he himself can monitor these patterns of behaviour from the outside, with some distance. This distance is beautifully experienced by the reader when Hasketh describes Situations and people.
Soon it turns out, that the series of acts of sabotage he is investigating, committed by so far loyal and faithful employees, who suddenly turn against their employer and commit suicide after their act of sabotage is connected to a series violent acts of violence of kids against their parents or grandparents.

To tell this shocking and partly very brutal story from the point of view of an investigator, who describes everything with a certain distance seemed at first a bit disturbing to me but soon it turns out that it was this distance that made the horror of the events much more intense and disturbing. The tension is created by the content and the pull of the story rather than by using superficial dramatic and “loud” means of writing.

Unfortunately the NetGalley display of the text I was provided with was a bit disturbing, some letter combinations including a “F” were simply missing, which would normally annoy me so much that I would stop reading. I never thought of not finishing because I was totally in the story and needed to find out how things unfold, which in itself is a huge compliment to author and story.