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Die Auslese - Nur die Besten überleben
Joelle Charbonneau
Glitch - Heather Anastasiu Zoe lives in a world in which the people are connected to „the link“, implanted computerchips make them act according to society's rules and unable to feel anything. But something seems wrong with Zoe, she „glitches“ and is temporarily disconnected from the link, able to make decisions and question what is going on. She meets Adrien who lives outside the community and wants to help her escape.

The story turns and twists and keeps the reader guessing, I was often surprised by the unfolding events. It was a catchy and quick read. Unfortunately there were some massive down points. What is it with the love triangles in young adult novels? Here we have another girl between 2 quite different boys.

Zoe doesn't know „emotions“ so often her feelings are surprising to her, other times she names them easily, it feels inconsistent to me. As if the author sometimes forgot about her own concept and then remembered it suddenly. I had problems to get the feelings between Zoe and Adrien, they don't fall in love, they are in love as soon as they get to know each other. I feel a bit betrayed, I much prefer to see the characters bit by bit discover their feelings and see those feelings grow than have the deep and unwavering love slammed onto the pages right away.

I also felt like not getting to know the society as well as I would have wanted to. Maybe there will be some revelations in the following installments that answer some basic questions.

As characters Zoe and Adrien are quite boring and I never felt connected to Zoe, from whose perspective the story is told.

Dispite these downpoints the book was keeping me hooked and I am curious to see how the story develops in the following parts.