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Joelle Charbonneau
Don't You Wish - Roxanne St. Claire Annie Nutter wishes her life would be different. She is close to invisible at her school, hates her braces and the fact that people like her crush are making fun of her. Her father is some maniac inventor and the family just about gets by financially.
One day she wakes up as Ayla Monroe in some sort of parallel universe, a world in which her mother married her ex-boyfriend, who now is an extremely rich and famous beauty surgeon in Miami. Her life seems perfect, she looks perfect, is some sort of school queen and has a gorgious boyfriend, but very soon she discovers that beneath the shiny surface, things are not as golden as they seem.

Annie is a great and lovable character, she is smart and her thoughts and views are both clever and funny, the way she sometimes gets swept away by the seduction of the perfect world she woke up in and sometimes sees right through it is great. There are other great characters, some you can easily love and some you can easily hate. And Annie in-between, who has a golden heart, but sometimes gets seduced by the promises of her life as Ayla.

The story is a bit foreseeable, the message is clear from the start and the story has been told in similar ways many times before but the journey Annie takes is heart warming and funny. I enjoyed the light but clever language a lot. There are some moments when the author plays with the expectations of the reader and takes a slightly different way, which I really enjoyed.

To me this is the “ideal Sunday afternoon book”, which I should explain: there are some books that are just perfect for a (maybe rainy) Sunday afternoon, light and funny, a quick read, but not stupid, heartwarming. Stuff you can sink into without much thinking. A bit fairy-tale like, prospect of a happy ending... and to me this is the perfect book for that mood/ time.

This is the first YA novel by author Roxanne St. Claire, who published nearly 30 books for adults in multiple genres.

I obtained a digital copy of this book as an ARC at NetGalley.