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Die Auslese - Nur die Besten überleben
Joelle Charbonneau
Candor - Pam Bachorz Oscar is the perfect son of the Mayor in a perfect town called Candor. His father built a community in which there are sublimal messages within the constant music that is around. So people are always friendly and caring, there are no teen pregnancies (as "kissing is just for husbands and wives"), no overeating, kids study and help with household chores. Oscar however knows about the messages and fights against their influence. Then another family moves in, their rebellious teenage daughter in tow. Torn between getting her out of town, away from the brainwashing messages and keeping her close he tries to stay the model son to the outside.

The story is amazing, very Stepfordshire-Wives like. I like the main charcters. Oscar is not perfect, he has his own agenda, makes his own mistakes. Nia is a great counterpart. The writing is quite funny at times and the simultaneously perfect and nightmare-ish atmosphere in Candor is a fantastic background.