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Die Auslese - Nur die Besten überleben
Joelle Charbonneau
Elsewhere - Gabrielle Zevin Liz wakes up on a strange ship and soon has to face the fact, that she died when a taxi hit her on her bike. The ship carries herself and other recently passed away people to "Elsewhere", an Island where people (and dogs) grow younger instead of older and once they reached the state of a newborn will be sent back into our world to live a new life. She meets her grandmother, who died before Liz was born and a former fireman, slightly older than she is now as he lived in Elsewhere for a couple of years.
Liz has to learn to make peace with the fact that she will never lead an adult life, let go of her urge to have the taxi driver punished, who accidentally caused her death and let go of fanatically following the lives of her family and friends.
The story is told in a charming and light way and the idea is quite unique and intruiging. It's a sweet little tale of a life after death that I enjoyed a lot.