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The Replacement - Brenna Yovanoff The replacement is set in a slowly dying miner town, Gentry. Mackie is suffering from a disease that makes it impossible for him to touch metal and seeing blood makes him violently sick. The reader soon finds out , that he isn't the real son of his parents, but was left as a replacement when the real Mackie was taken from his crib as a baby, he was supposed to die soon after the exchange but his parents and especially the older child of the family Emma care for him the best they can and so he makes it to the age of 17.

He starts to discover where he truly comes from and why children are being taken and replaced by a child that is destined to die from poisoning in the human world.

Let me start by saying how much the cover with the scissors and knives above the crib in those dark and creepy colours intrigued me. The first 70 pages or so I was thrilled, I really loved the atmosphere of that town and of the book in general, dark and creepy just like the cover. But I soon lost most sympathy for Mackie who just never says what he thinks and stays quiet all the time when people want to help him.

The reasons for the replacements and the world beyond the human world feels just very "made up", some bits just seemed out of place. I dragged myself through the second half, hoping the story would come around again, but it went from bad to worse.

Great cover, but the story is just lame and silly in my eyes. I was really disappointed.